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OLD AND NEW essays

OLD AND NEW expositions What do we normally consider when we hear the word PC? Well the vast majority of us appear to worry or flee when we hear that word however why? The PC is probably the best development that anybody has ever thought of, why our entire world is for all intents and purposes run by them. A PC is something that nobody should underestimate or kicks to the check since one doesn't set aside the effort to become PC educated. In the accompanying passages I will clarify why it is so essential to have PCs in an instructive office than only a plain old typewriter. The PC today has commanded our way of life with the goal that the once omnipresent typewriter has been rendered for all intents and purposes quiet. The significance of PCs in our lives today is right around a basic key almost our ways of life have developed. We have PCs wherever from a PC in our home to a PC chip in our vehicle. There are such huge numbers of spots PC applications can be utilized however I might want to stress on how PCs are utilized in work regions or school condition versus a typewriter. The typewriter is as yet an extraordinary innovation yet is by all accounts being supplanted by the cutting edge period of PCs. Obviously not we all can manage the cost of the large awful PCs with each choice known to man however the majority of us can make due with something down to the common level. And afterward there are some us who just rather remain with their great and old companion the typewriter. PCs are and will even before long advance into something that none of us will each fantasy of, from running our apparatuses to running our lives; accepting we all can bear the cost of it! In the accompanying passages I will c larify and give you why PCs are a superior decision than the old style typewriter. First I might want to discuss the contrasts between a PC and a typewriter. A typewriter has two or three points of interest for one its exceptionally simple to get together and convey any place you go however in the event that you have a PC, at that point you can without much of a stretch rever... <!

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RFPs and Proposals disscusinon reply Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

RFPs and Proposals disscusinon answer - Essay Example Through investigation of the second RFP plan, it shows up very much arranged, explained and proposed for a simple read. The second structure of the RFP starts with a chapter by chapter list that can guide a peruser to a specific zone of intrigue. By and by, I feel the RFP could be improved with modifications of areas in the archive like after the work with the rules of the work to guarantee simple examination and perception of the data. Gathering to the proposition, the report is written in light of the RFP in an understandable way. The proposition guides the peruser to explicit areas of the RFP which permits the peruser to get to effectively and comprehend the particular data. The proposition is similarly written in a powerful tone making it a perfect induction of a RFP (T&D, 234). The composition of a proposition in a convincing tone is intended to trouble the customers that the organization has the important capacity to offer the required

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Ask A VC Boston 2016

Ask A VC Boston 2016 A venture capitalist seeks out startups with high potential and invests money from the venture capital firm they work for into those startups to make returns. As an entrepreneur, being in their good graces and learning from their insight could be the difference between life and death for ones company. I wanted to meet as many as I could and learn as much from them as I could before I started my own venture. Then on late Thursday night, my friend told me Hey Erick, tomorrow morning is Ask A VC Boston, right in the Microsoft Nerd Center. Venture capitalists from all over will be there. So, I made a mental pros and cons list: Reasons not go: The event starts at 8am. My sleep schedule has been sleeping from 6am to noon for the past month so I wasnt sure how my body would react to being woken up at 8. I had a class that grades attendance around that time that I would have to skip. Reasons to go: Over 20 VCs from all different industries were going to be gathered in one place less than a block away from MIT campus and I could ask them any question I wanted. Pros outweighed the cons. I finished my pset, slept for a few hours, woke up, rolled out of bed, splashed my face with cold water, brewed some coffee to stay awake, and headed over. The event started with some networking followed by a QA panel. Afterwards, the attendees could pitch their startups to the venture capitalists and get feedback on the spot. I didnt have my own startup yet so I just focused on getting good insight. There were so many speakers and attendees that they split the panel into two different rooms. Sumeet Shah from Brand Foundry Ventures led our panel, and he opened up by asking the VCs,  What was the worst pitch you ever recieved? The responses were hilarious, from disposable toothbrushes (arent all toothbrushes disposable?) to like an iPad but in the shape of a sphere and it goes on top of your car. Towards the end of the panel, I introduced myself and asked them what they felt were the biggest current challenges in their current industries that new startups would have to overcome. Some of the things I learned: Fintech industry is full of hard regulations. Virtual reality is exciting and novel, but theres no developed market for it. You have to create a need before people will buy the solution. Artificial intelligence is new and exciting, and were often touted as being in the age of artifical intelligence. But until you can talk to AI bots like a regular person, they wont see mass adoption as virtual assistants like most people think. Real estate requires a lot of collaboration and partnerships with established brands. Hardware startups face limited economies of scales. if you ship out 2000 products, you will only make 2000 x the price of your product. and you have to cover your costs. This is opposed to a software startup that develops one product which many people can access. Afterwards, we listened to some of the pitches from the audience, followed by more networking afterwards. I didnt stick around too long for the networking afterwards because I had to get to another class, but I did learn a lot. Until this point I imagined VCs as intimidating faceless groups that could spell doom for your company if they didnt want to give you money. But that day, after talking to many of them, I realized how theyre really people who want the same thing as the entrepreneurs to see good companies flourish (and make money). As the old adage in the VC world goes, Ask for money and you get advice. Ask for advice and you get money. Here’s the guest list of the VC’s that were  invited. Not all of them were able to make it but I did get to talk to the ones that were there and learn from them. Chris Quintero from  Bolt, a venture capital firm designed for hardware startups. Two out of three of the founders got their Masters at MIT. Sumeet Shah from Brand Foundry Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm focused on emerging, innovative consumer focused brands. Jason Shuman from Corigin Ventures, which focuses on the future of consumer behavior and daily living. Evan Kornack from Data Point Capital, focused on innovative internet companies. Shayne Veramallay from DLA Piper, a global law firm with 4,200 lawyers in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East to help companies with their legal needs around the world. Jay Farber from F-Prime Capital, a global venture capital firm investing in healthcare and technology. Michael Greeley from Flare Capital Partners, a healthcare technology venture capital firm. Juan Luis Leung Li from  General Catalyst, which focusing on companies that show high growth potential. These guys invested in companies like Airbnb, Snapchat, Stripe, and KAYAK. Chris Protasewich from Highland Capital Partners, which has raised over $3 billion in committed capital and invested in more than 225 companies, resulting in category-defining businesses across consumer and enterprise technology John Murphy from Hyperplane VC, which focuses on machine learning and data companies. Eric Girouard from LAUNCH, for next generation commerce companies. Ed Coady from Launch Capital, with a core focus in technology, healthcare, medical, and consumer businesses. Arsham Memarzadeh from OpenView Venture Partners, focusing mainly on B2B software companies. Matt Hayes from Point Judith Capital, which  focuses on investments in software and technology enabled services. Joseph Coyne from Samsung Strategic Investments, Samsungs venture capital arm that focuses on software and services. Jay Thakrar from SeedInvest, an equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors with startups. Paul Flanagan from Sigma Prime Ventures, which invests in early stage technology companies solving hard business problems with SaaS, Evelyn Buchatskiy from  Techstars,  a startup accelerator that provides mentorship-driven seed-stage investment services for technology-oriented companies Steve Agular from Zaffre Investments, which invests in products and services that focus on changing healthcare.

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Analysis Of Sherman s The Pretty True Diary Of A Part...

Imagine yourself with a disease in your head that causes people to make fun of you because you have a big head. Also, picture yourself living in a poor neighborhood where people only think about drinking alcohol and students cannot go beyond high school. Sherman Alexis, a writer from Wellpinit, Washington, wrote a book based on his own life, named The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In this book, he writes about a child named Arnold who was born with many medical problems. Arnold hopes to have a better future by becoming a cartoonist, so he can help his family. Many people from Wellpinit including Rowdy, his best friend, call Junior a traitor because he moved from his old school to have a better future. As a result of this, Arnold faces a severe form of discrimination at Reardan High School because he was the only Indian person who was studying there. Alexie as Arnold is an interesting character because it teaches us about dealing with challenges and helps to improve a p erson’s life. Alexie suggests that many people face serious challenges such as lack of education opportunities, alcoholism, the struggle of acceptance, and that the best way to overcome some of them are hope, forgiveness, and earning the trust of friends. Lack of education opportunities was one of the first challenges that Arnold and people from Wellpinit faced at the reservation. The education at Wellpinit was so poor referring to school supplies because people from the reservation did not haveShow MoreRelatedLiterary Criticism : The Free Encyclopedia 7351 Words   |  30 Pagesnovel is sometimes used interchangeably with Bildungsroman, but its use is usually wider and less technical. The birth of the Bildungsroman is normally dated to the publication of Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1795–96,[8] or, sometimes, to Christoph Martin Wieland s Geschichte des Agathon of 1767.[9] Although the Bildungsroman arose in Germany, it has had extensive influence first in Europe and later throughout the world. Thomas Carlyle translated Goethe’s novelRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your requ est to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturersRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pagesmost of the fastest-growing occupations percentagewise are related to information technology or health care. The increase in the technology jobs is due to the rapid increase in the use of information technology, such as databases, system design and analysis, and desktop publishing. The health care jobs are growing as a result of the aging of the U.S. population and workforce, a factor discussed later. Chapter 1 Changing Nature of Human Resource Management 5 FIGURE 1—1 The 10 Occupations with

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Importance Of Operations And Supply Chain Management

Importance of Operations Organizations’ have matured over the years; they have learned and adapted to become more strategic in every aspect of their business. One way organizations’ have done this is by understanding the importance of operations and supply chain management. The author will explain how operations and supply chain management evolved to what it is today, how this is important to the company’s strategy, and define the dimensions of the quality. Evolution Everything adapts and changes as it matures. This is how things advance to the next stage of evolution. Operations and supply chain management is not exception to this rule, it too advanced. In the early years this term was never thought of, companies focused on logistics research and was concerned on how to improve material handling. By the 1960’s it was all about merging warehouse, transportation and material handling in to one label called Physical Distribution. (Robinson, 2015) Technology increased its evolution and by the 1970’s-1980’s computers optimized the system for companies to create programs to help with planning, storage and inventory controls. It was during this time that organizational leaders saw the importance of operations and supply chain management had on the company’s bottom line. To improve available data collected and accuracy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was implemented in the 1990’s. Technology made the biggest impact to operations and supply chain managementShow MoreRelatedBus 430 Assignment 2: Inventory Management1369 Words   |  6 PagesBUS 430 Assignment 2: Inventory Management http://homeworkfy.com/downloads/bus-430-assignment-2-inventory-management/ BUS 430 Assignment 2: Inventory Management Assignment 2: Inventory Management Due Week 8 and worth 300 points Research two (2) manufacturing or two (2) service companies that manage inventory and complete this assignment. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1. Determine the types of inventories these companies currently manage and describe their essentialRead MoreSupply Chains and Inventory Management Essay1155 Words   |  5 PagesSupply Chain and Inventory Management December 6, 2008 Supply Chain and Inventory Management With the increased globalization, competition and complexity in global supply chains, more companies have realized that supply chain management is critical to the optimal organizations overall operation. It is no longer just the responsibility of the warehouse manager and logistics director (Pundir, 2008 and Wharton). In the past, many organizations didn’t manage their supply chains they left thatRead MoreLogistics Management And Supply Chain Management1171 Words   |  5 PagesLogistics and Supply Chain Management Topic: Do the terms, ‘logistics management’ and ‘supply chain management’ have the same meaning in operations and why logistics management might be of strategic importance to a manufacturing or service organisation. During last two decades, the importance of logistics has been noticed around the world. In global markets, the effects and further developments of logistics and supply chain management for corporate success has increased significantly that resultRead MoreMaterials Management Proposal1445 Words   |  6 PagesMaterials Management Proposal Laura Dean 2/7/2011 Materials Management Proposal Materials and operations management play a crucial role in the success of any organization. Of particular importance to the materials and operations divisions is management’s complete understanding of the hospitals functions as a whole entity. After reading this paper, one will understand the importance of materials management and operations management as well as how both departments must work together to ensureRead MoreStrategic Vision And Operations Planning1210 Words   |  5 Pagessuccessful supply chain management. However as 2016, Walmart closed 269 stores, this means that not all the stores are successful and there is a problem that is affecting its operations planning. Walmart by 32nd St. has operation planning problems during winter time when the population increases in the area. This report was written to understand the importance of developing a strategic vision and operations planning in order to help the store current seasonal problems. I find out that Supp ly Chain ManagementRead MoreSupply Chain Management And Healthcare Industry1745 Words   |  7 PagesSupply Chain Management –For Healthcare Industry Introduction: Economic downturn in Healthcare sector has given renewed importance to supply chain management in healthcare industry. Supply chain management has great effects on hospital organizations. On papers Supply chain accounts for 30 to 40% in healthcare industry but that is only if we consider just the cost of goods under the supply chain , instead if we look at factors like cost of inventory , cost of procuring and other costs associatedRead MoreLogistics and Supply Chain Management1168 Words   |  5 PagesTopic: Do the terms, ‘logistics management’ and ‘supply chain management’ have the same meaning in operations and why logistics management might be of strategic importance to a manufacturing or service organisation. During last two decades, the importance of logistics has been noticed around the world. In global markets, the effects and further developments of logistics and supply chain management for corporate success has increased significantly that result in a large amount of companies haveRead MoreDemand Forecasting And Supply Chain1628 Words   |  7 Pagesglobal logistics and supply chain. In general, logistics and supply chain are the key to maintain the normal operation of the business. However, globalization has changed the way the business operates, it gives companies potential threats but it also provides valuable chances. In this regard, it is necessary to manage supply chain. Demand forecasting and estimation provide significant information about the market and order, and clearly identify the potential problems in supply chain (Skiver 2015). ThisRead MoreEssay on Protecting The Supply Chain1004 Words   |  5 Pagescompany’s supply chain, the more vulnerable the company becomes. When the company’s suppliers spread further and further away from the company, the company becomes even more vulnerable to political and currency risk, cyber attacks, missed inventory goals, and failed communication with the supply chain. For a company to overcome those potential vulnerabilities, a company must build safeguards into their operations. Those safeguards include a strong corporate backing in supply chain management, solidRead MoreCanadian Tire Auto Services Main Supply Chain Strategies Essay1678 Words   |  7 PagesCanadian Tire Auto Services’ main supply chain strategies. Canadian Tire provides many automotive services for their clients with many locations across the countries. Our goal for this project will also be to look into Canadian Tire’s logistics operations, their process of sup plier selection, and evaluation. We will also look to study their use of the latest IS/IT innovations. We will then conclude our project by realizing the importance of supply chain management integration, as well as, the challenges

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Brain And Behavior Free Essays

I believe that human emotion is determined by the â€Å"hard wiring† of the brain. One good example is the criminal intent of particular individuals. It is actually interesting to know that anthropological research data shows that violence is an inherent conduct among the primate species (Walker, 2001). We will write a custom essay sample on Brain And Behavior or any similar topic only for you Order Now In society, criminal violence is a common occurrence and legislators have suggested that the behavior of criminals be analyzed in order to identify any psychological patterns that are consistent among these particular types of individuals. In the past few decades, neurobiologists have proposed that an individual’s condition, which encompasses empathy, morality and free will, is holistically influenced by the frequency of stimulation and assembly of the neurons of an individual. Such notion is contradictory to the concept of Cartesian dualism, which states that the brain and the mind are two independent entities that coordinate with each other. To date, the accumulation of research reports from the field of neuroscience is gradually affecting the concepts and effectivity of the justice system because of the shifting in the concept of human behavior and response to different stimuli. Neuroscience has influenced our current understanding of the multiple factors that govern violent behavior among criminals. The 19th century classic report of Phineas Gage regarding the anti-social behavior that emerged after massive damage of the prefrontal cortex of his brain from a railroad accident is now considered as the birth of the field of forensic neurology (Harlow, 1848). Today, computerized imaging of his fractured skull has shown that the autonomic and social nerve systems are the specific damages that were affected, thus resulting in a totally different individual. Such observation, together with research results gathered from war veterans, has led to the conclusion that violent criminal behavior is caused by injuries to the frontal lobe of the brain. It has then been proposed that injury to the prefrontal cortex of the brain causes a condition that has been coined as acquired sociopathy or pseudopsychopath (Blair and Cipolotti, 2000). It is interesting to know that there is an 11% reduction in the size of the grey matter of the prefrontal cortex among patients diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder (APD) (Raine et al. , 2000). A related observation has also been observed between intelligence and alterations in the grey matter of the prefrontal cortex. The temporal lobe of the brain has also been determined to influence an individual’s emotional response and aggression, wherein lesions in the amygdale of the temporal lobe result in an individual’s failure to recognize fear and sadness among the faces of other people (van Elst et al. , 2001). The connection between the decreased expression of the monoamine oxidase A enzyme and reactive violence has already been established (Caspi et al. , 2002). Monoamine oxidase A is responsible for the catabolism of monoamines such as serotonin (5-HT). The working hypothesis currently accepted is that the prefrontal-amygdala connection is altered, resulting in a dysfunctional aggressive and violent behavior, resulting in criminality in particular individuals. The self-control theory as proposed by Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) couples an argument regarding the driving force behind criminality and the features of a criminal act. Gottfredson and Hirschi contend that crime is similar to other out of control and unlawful actions such as alcoholism and smoking because it generates in an individual a temporary yet immediate feeling of gratification. This kind of action is created by a condition that is characterized by low self-control. The authors claim that the condition of having poor self-control is an innate condition that is set in place during the early childhood at around 7 or 8 years of age. In relation to the mechanism behind criminality, the authors explain that crime is a straightforward action to results in gratification in an individual. Such perception of crime is associated with a number of implications to the general theory of crime. Firstly, the general theory of crime presents that crime is an uncomplicated action that does not need any strategic preparation or intricate knowledge. Secondly, the general theory of crime is related to a number of elements that are included in the theory of routine activities because just like other uncontrolled acts, crimes are not planned and it is easy for individuals with low self-esteem to be easily motivated to commit such acts. In addition, criminality is strongly influenced by external factors such as the scarcity of easy targets as well as the presence of associates that are capable of helping or even performing a criminal act. The theory of crime by Gottfredson and Hirschi regarding the early age of 7 or 8 also entails that the longitudinal analysis of crime is not necessary and that age-correlated theories of crime are confusing. The general theory of crime of Gottfredson and Hirschi also considers the fundamental argument regarding age and the unlawful act. It is actually different from what is presented at general courses in criminology regarding the analysis of age-crime correlations and social factors that are related to crime. A distinction of the general theory of crime of Gottfredson and Hirschi is that the age-crime linkage is very different through time, location and culture that the age-crime correlation is irrelevant of any social explanation. Their general theory of crime also describes that criminals continue to perform unlawful acts of crime even during marriage and eventually end up as unmarried criminals. The same thing goes with offenders who are currently employed—these individuals generally continue on as offenders and the only difference after some time is that they lose their jobs. The general theory of crime of Gottfredson and Hirschi thus presents an argument against the connection of crime with marriage and employment thus showing that a criminal is incompetent in maintaining a relationship in a marriage or a commitment to work because he is commonly known as person of very low command of his control. Their presentation of the force behind criminality is thus focused on self-control and the authors point out that most investigations regarding criminality do not include this concept. References Blair RJ and Cipolotti L (2000): Impaired social response reversal. A case of ‘acquired sociopathy’. Brain 123:1122–1141. Caspi A, McClay J, Moffi tt TE, Mill J and Martin J (2002): Role of genotype in the cycle of violence in maltreated children. Science 297:851–854. Gottfredson MR and Hirschi T (1990): A General Theory of Crime. In: Jacoby JE (ed. ): Classics of criminology, 3rd ed. Illinois: Waveland Press, Inc. Harlow J (1848): Passage of an iron bar through the head. Boston Med Surg J 13:389–393. Raine A, Lencz T, Bihrle S, LaCasse L and Colletti P (2000) Reduced prefrontal gray matter volume and reduced autonomic activity in antisocial personality disorder. Arch Gen Psychiatry 57:119–127. van Elst LT, Trimble MR, Ebert D, van Elst LT (2001) Dual brain pathology in patients with affective aggressive episodes. Arch Gen Psychiatry 58:1187–1188. Walker PL (2001): A bioarchaeological perspective on the history of violence. Annu Rev Anthropol 30: 573–596. How to cite Brain And Behavior, Papers

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The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky and Constance Garnett are two prominent authors who narrate a great deal of ideas in their work The Grand Inquisitor. Like many authors of their time, the authors explore ideological and religious ideas. Dostoevsky and Garnet belong to the age of Dante, who in his work tried to illuminate and express ideologies that shaped knowledge about God, heaven and hell.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoevsky specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Through literal works and art, the authors who belonged to Dante’s age tried to bring to light matters of heaven. Dostoevsky and Garnett’s poem tries to explain the end of times and authority of the cardinals in the Roman church. The authors try to solve the mystery that no man or Christ himself knows. The authors try to illuminate the principle of faith. According to the poem, a man lived at a time of faith. The time was marred with various miracles performed by saints. The significance of miracles in those days was critical, especially when man failed in faith. The authors are very categorical that miracles were necessary, but also offered an opportunity for the devil to devour man using false miracles. From such revelations, the authors seek to educate man the importance using prayers to hold fast in faith. The authors demystify the grand inquisitor as a symbol of a savior. They depict the grand inquisitor as the one who bears the cross. The authors use the character of the grand inquisitor to depict a savior of mankind. The savior is depicted as one who is weary, torn and who comes to bless. There are examples in the poem, where the authors depict the grand inquisitor as one who heals the suffering and brings life to mourners. The representation of the grand inquisitor as a cardinal is rather intriguing. The power bestowed upon the grand inquisitor by the authors brings the mysteries of the roman church into limelight. Perhaps, the authors want the reader to understand the authority bestowed upon the cardinal. The authors liken the cardinal powers to that of Christ. The grand inquisitor in his own wisdom tries to make man understand the concept of happiness. Interestingly, the grand inquisitor is categorical that man is a rebellious creation and so may not understand his own quest for happiness.Advertising Looking for critical writing on ethics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The nature of man to go against warnings is best analyzed by the grand inquisitor. The analysis of the grand inquisitor is an example of the very lessons taught in Christian religion. The grand inquisitor is categorical that temptations of the dread spirits of destruction show a lack of admonitions and warning in man. Ivan and Alyosha are two brothers and characters in the poem grand inquisitor. The two brothers are on a quest of un derstanding religion and wisdom from the grand inquisitor. The two are disturbed by the words of the grand inquisitor. The two agree and disagree on some issues alleged by the grand inquisitor. This exhibits the fate of the Roman church in Russia, where it has challenges. The authority exhibited by the Roman church in regard to knowledge is sometimes suspicious. This is the position that many people seem to understand. Jesuits are a section of the Roman church most elite group. Perhaps, the grand inquisitor is one of the Jesuits as evidenced from his wisdom and knowledge. People who pay no allegiance to any religion often rubbish such allegations. This critical writing on The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoevsky was written and submitted by user Shane Winters to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.